Minerva Wheels and Brakes (MWB) is an arm of Minerva Aviation Services, which provides consultancy and IT solutions to the Aerospace industry. It caters to the service needs of commercial, military, private operators and MRO on repair, overhaul, and inspection on aircraft components. The state of the art facility located near the Chennai airport is dedicated for maintenance of aircraft wheel and brake and NDT services aimed to exceed the standards set forth by the National and International regulators. We currently provide aircraft wheel and brake component repair, overhaul, parts sales, parts exchange and inventory management for national and international customers.

About Us

The promoters and advisors are engineering graduates from premier Institutes in engineering and management. The employees having vast experience in the commercial and military aviation industry are the major driving for of the organisation. The Accountable executive, workshop manager and quality managers proactively involve in making this firm’s service quality to meet theexpectation of the industry.



Minerva Wheels & Brakes is to achieve the immediate goals of support the commercial airline operators, private operators, MROs and Military organisation by providing maintenance service of the aircraft wheel and brake under CAR 145 approval of the DGCA.


Minerva aircraft Wheels and Brakes is the energy efficient Strategic Business Unit, the workshops for maintenance and overhauling of aircraft wheels and brakes and to expand to different product line by 2017.


To realize our vision, in Minerva Aviation, we have chosen to serve the Operators and aircraft Maintenance Repair Organisation (MRO) catering to the needs of flag carriers in India and abroad covering airliner models of Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bombardier and Embraer aircraft. To grow as knowledge based aviation organisation.


Minerva aviation envisionsto become a major service provider and market leader at the National and international market by 2020 and imprint its name in international aviation map as leading aerospace company providing quality and timely service. We will provide job opportunity to at least two hundred persons in the next five years.


Scope Of Work

MAS’s wheel and brake shops, under authority of DGCA approval, provide tyre replacement, inspections, repairs and modifications for wheels and brakes manufactured by:
  • • BF Goodrich
  • • AlliedSignal (Bendix),
  • • Dunlop
  • • Honeywell

Quality Assurance

MAS assures to maintain high quality service with quick turn-around and reduced aircraft downtime to the Scheduled Operator, regional airline and business aviation and it will extended to the military as well and other customer customers worldwide. MAS services are to extend life for Wheels and brakes and save you money with ability to repair wheel and brake components. The services are supported by the OEMs.


Minerva is located in a strategic place to minimize cost of transportation and environmentally friendly. Facility has carefully made flooring for the entire shop and lighting arrangement to international aviation standards; Environmentally controlled Office areas and NDT areas and well ventilated in other work areas; Designed layout ergonomically – Stores, Record rooms, Document rooms, workplace; Chosen machines, tools and equipment so as to perform the work error-free and efficiently; Established tools and equipment as per the manufacturer specs; It is an IT drivenon inventory and quality monitoring and calibration; Backed with stock of materials and spares by OEMs.



Our employees mean everything to us. That's why we are committed to provide a safe and secure work environment and why we developed our respectable program. Our facility is full compliance with SMS and HF program.Accident prevention is the responsibility of all employees. Preventing accidents shall be a primary consideration in all phases of our operations and administration. Minerva established and insisted upon safe work practices by all employees at all times. All supervisors must make employee safety an integral part of his or her management duties. Each employee must accept and follow all established safety, loss control and risk management regulations and procedures. We believe on training to all; We will provide training all employees on SMS, Human factors, handling of dangerous goods, product specific training and regulation. to all of our employees! Housekeeping is everyone’s responsibility. Our employees capable of identify hazards and assess risk and suggest mitigation.

Human Factor

Applying human principles in all our activities of workshop and focus our attention for reducing human error: HF application include Ergonomically design facility layout; HF in design and application of tools and equipment; HF in design of Documents and records; Application of MEDA principles


Customer Focus

We realize that many of our competitors provide similar products and services. So, we have to differentiate ourselves from our competitors - we made assurance that omployee stand out in the mind of our customer. Providing superior customer service is one way to do this. Satisfying our customers is crucial to our business success. As our industry becomes more competitive, it is vital that our customers are pleased with us, loyal to us, and keep coming back to us.

Quality Assurance

We will make a difference and become known in the industry as the Company of Choice: because we treat our employees with fairness and respect at all times; we treat our customers with fairness and respect at all times; We will set the standard in our industry: our knowledge leadership and innovation; we are passionate about our business; because we understand our customers' needs better than anyone else; we exceed our customers' expectations better than anyone else; change the way the world views our industry: we are there when they need us; because of our impeccable integrity, our value; we are easy to do business with; We will make a difference.